ANZAC Day Craft

25th Apr 2015


Anzac Day is our national day of respect and remembrance. It is the day on which we reflect on the tragedy & sacrifice of war. It is an important day to teach our children of the sacrifices made by others. But how do we teach young children about Anzac Day?

My children are 3 & 4, so whilst they understand things that I explain to them they don’t have the attention span to sit and listen for any period of time to things they cannot relate to. I was trying to work out how to explain Anzac Day to them, whilst being able to capture their attention for long enough for them to understand how important this day it.

My kids love doing craft and its something we can all do together, so I thought by making some things related to Anzac Day I could talk to them about the day and it’s significance, whilst still allowing them to be innocent children and have some fun.

I was gathering up different bits and pieces for us to print, cut, colour and paste and thought that some of you might like to use them too.

We are making 3d Poppies, I have created a template with the larger outer petals, smaller centre petals and the black centre, plus some leaves to go behind them if you like.

Download the 3d Poppies template here.

I have a sheet of smaller poppies to colour and cut out to stick on a piece of paper/card to make a wreath, you can download those here: Anzac Poppies and if you would like to add a flag, some text or a soldier to your image to you can get those images here: anzac sheet 2

I also have a couple of colouring in sheets for my kids to do, you can download them here: anzac colouring sheet 1      anzac colouring sheet 1

I will share some pictures of our finished projects later and would love to see what your kids create too, so feel free to post them on the Facebook wall.

I hope you have a good Anzac Day with your family and your children start to understand the significance of today and the sacrifices that others made for us.

Lest we forget.

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