Beginners Guide to Elf on the Shelf

10th Nov 2015

buginers guide
Last year we welcomed Elf on The Shelf into our home for the first time, I decided to get one for the novelty and the fun of it, but I really didn’t get what an impact this elf would have.
I will admit I was a little apprehensive, but thought I may as well give it a go and I can’t lie and say I didn’t find the elves eyes a little creepy, but if you can get past that this could be a Christmas tradition that both you and your kids will enjoy for years to come.

When the elf arrbookives he brings a book for you to read to the kids, the book includes important messages like not to touch the elf, I found I needed to read the book a couple more times in the first few days to get this to sink in (my kids were only 2 & 4).

It only took a couple of mornings before my kids would wake up and have the elf as the first thing on their mind, they were so excited to find where he was each day!

This brings me to my next point – remembering to move your elf every night. This may not seem like a difficult thing to remember, but it is!! You will know what I mean when your Elf arrives. If you are anything like me there will be nights you are just drifting off to sleep and you remember to get up and move it, there will be times you wake up early and do a quick move before the kids get up and there will be times that you completely forget.

If you do forget to move the elf you have a couple of options: Firstly you could ask your kids to think about how they behaved the previous day and if there was anything they think the elf may not have wanted to report to Santa? If so he may have stayed here for the night. They were lucky he didn’t go and tell Santa, because they wouldn’t want to end up on the naught list. Then suggest maybe they had better try a little bit harder to be well behaved today.

If your kids were particularly good and/or you don’t want to play the naughty card just tell them he doesn’t move every night, it’s only when he has something new to report to Santa. This will be handy next time you forget to move your elf too!

Having some quick and easy ideas up your sleeve for when you have to get out of bed and do a quick elf move before the kids get up is a good idea – the easiest things I found were; snuggling him in with some teddies, climbing up the Christmas tree & playing hide ‘n’ seek peeking out of a drawer. If you’re looking for some slightly more adventurous ideas you can check out my post on “Fun & Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas” (don’t worry none of them are overly difficult).


The Elf really is fun and the excitement your children experience each morning when they find him or her and see what mischief or fun they have got up to is really worthwhile. I found having Elf on the Shelf in the month lead up to Christmas was like having a little bit of Christmas morning every day!

Aside from the excitement of your kids, there is also something very worthwhile in it for you – Elf on the Shelf is a wonderful help to parents; as soon as there is any behavior that you do not want, you just remind them that their elf is watching and will be reporting what he sees to Santa that night. Of course they won’t be 100% perfect for all of December, but it sure does help!

When Christmas day arrives and it’s time for your elf to stay in the North Pole, be prepared for your kids to miss their elf – mine did, but this is why it is best to remove it Christmas Eve, they will be so focused on their presents on Christmas morning that they don’t notice. Mine mentioned it a couple of days later, so after a few days their elf sent them a letter from the North Pole – I just googled pictures of elf on the shelf in the snow and wrote a quick note to say how busy he was making toys for next year but he is still watching over them and will look forward to coming back to see them next Christmas – they loved it and I think it gave them some closure for the season.


All these months on the kids have not mentioned their Elf for ages, but I am super excited about the day he comes back and seeing their little faces again!


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