Can Mums ever really relax?

2nd Nov 2015

sand relax

Can Mums ever really relax?

Last week I went to the Doctor, just for a routine check-up and he took my blood pressure which was higher than it should be. I have no history of high blood pressure so he told me to sit back and close my eyes and relax for a couple of minutes before he took it again. Whilst sitting there with my eyes closed the Dr said to me “imagine you are on a nice sandy beach watching your kids play happily”. That was a lovely image, but my mind soon started to think about the sand that would end up on my floors at home and how I would have to clean them again!! Then I went on to thinking about the washing I would put on once I got the kids out of their sandy clothes, which led me to think about the washing I had already done the day before and how I needed to fold it and put it away once I got home, but that would have to wait until after kindy pick-up – hmmm kindy, I hope my son is ok, he really didn’t want to go to kindy today. Thinking of kindy I really need to fill out those application forms for my daughter to go to kindy next year! Back to the washing after kindy, oh and before I do that I need to go to the supermarket as I haven’t organised anything for dinner, what will we have tonight? It’s a real challenge making a decision on what to feed the family every single night!

It was about then that Dr suggested I open my eyes and he would try my blood pressure again, it was literally only a couple of minutes that I was sitting there, but I had so many things go through my mind in that amount of time and I was meant to be relaxing. What is relaxing? As busy Mums do we ever really completely switch off? After that experience I am actually going to make more of a conscious effort to switch off and really relax occasionally, how and when is another matter!

My blood pressure was fine the 2nd time by the way, so I guess my “relaxing” did work even though my mind was going overtime thinking about everything, lol.

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