Dinosaurs Alive at Adelaide Zoo – What you need to know…

23rd Dec 2016


Dinosaurs Alive are coming to Adelaide Zoo from Boxing Day and we had a sneak peak of them today. Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Entry is included with your general admission ticket or your zoo membership
  • You will be given a Dinosaurs Alive Map & Activities pamphlet when you enter the Zoo
  • There are six large Dinosaurs to view, plus some cute baby dinosaurs hatching out of eggs
  • Use your map and follow the signs and dinosaur footprints to see all the dinosaurs
  • Dinosaurs on display include: T-rex (x2), Dilophosaurus, Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus & Spinosaurus
  • Dinosaurs move their heads, arms, tails etc., and make noise.
  • Some of the dinosaurs are very big and quite loud, but due to their positioning you do not need to be really close to see and enjoy them, so if you think young kids may get scared just stay back a little initially.
  • There is information & interesting facts displayed with each of the dinosaurs.
  • There is a photo board for some great photo opportunities.
  • Use the Adelaide Zoo phone App to hear a keeper speak about each of the dinosaurs.
  • Enjoy a Modern Day Dinosaur show at 11.15am daily while the Dinosaurs are on Display
  • You can download a colouring in sheet at Adelaidezoo.com.au/dinosaurs and colour for your chance to win 4 tickets to the Zoo plus a chameleon encounter experience!
  • Take a selfie with the dinosaurs and share it with #AdelaideZoo for your chance to win a Giant Tortoise encounter!
  • Half of the Panda Shop is now a Dino Shop whilst the dinosaurs are on display
  • The Dinosaurs will become extinct at Adelaide Zoo on January 29th, so get in and see them before it’s too late!

If you need any more information on Dinosaurs Alive at Adelaide Zoo you can visit the Zoo website here.

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