DreamBIG Children’s Festival


DreamBIG Children’s Festival (formerly Come Out Children’s Festival) is proudly presented and managed by Adelaide Festival Centre.

More than 2 million South Australian children have participated in the DreamBIG Children’s Festival since its inception in 1974 and it is an intrinsic part of growing up in South Australia.

Some of the shows you can catch as part of this years DreamBIG Children’s Festival are:

  • Tetris A dynamic interpretation of the classic electronic game that has become part of video game history. #DreamBIGfest #arch8
  • Gone Viral Winner Trinity College London International Playwriting Award for Teenage Audience, ‘Gone Viral’ is at #DreamBIGfest https://goo.gl/3weiZv
  • The Listies 6D* (*it’s twice as good as 3D!), is an interactive comedy show all about the movies at #DreamBIGFest http://goo.gl/voPqkm
  • Jump First, Ask Later
  • Touch & Go Calling all 2yo kids & their adults! ‘Touch & Go’ is a dance game enticing, daring & entertaining at #DreamBIGfest https://goo.gl/9qdnsc
  • Frozen Girl ‘Frozen Girl’ is experimental theatre which asks, what happens when a 13-year-old becomes lost in her own world? Created by members of the Tutti Performing Arts Ensemble ‘Frozen Girl’ explores the inventiveness of a family’s support. Tickets >> https://goo.gl/f5Hl5I
  • ‘HART’ is a one-man award winning show based on testimonials from survivors of the Stolen Generations. Performer Ian Michael sat down with National Indigenous Times to speak about this incredible show which he hopes is the start of change. Tickets >> https://goo.gl/TClpgr
  • Adelaide International Youth Film Festival Preview Don’t miss the exciting preview of Adelaide International Youth Film Festival at DreamBIG Children’s Festival! Each session is grouped by age.
  • Big Family Weekend A free, fun, BIG inclusive event that will span North Terrace. It’s a trail of art and wonder for children and their families over two days with shows, workshops, activities, exhibitions, making, watching, questioning, dancing and singing. There really is something for everyone!
  • E Bully Being in the age of the internet, ‘E Bully’ tackles the issue of the cyber bullying. Coming to #DreamBIGFest  http://goo.gl/YY9Cww
  • Exhibitions at DreamBIG Children’s Festival  – Why not check out one of the free exhibitions around Adelaide Festival Centre and surrounds during DreamBIG Children’s Festival. For full information and locations click here: http://www.dreambigfestival.com.au/search/?c=Exhibitions&t=events&f=Families&a=-1%2C19

You can get more information on all the shows, parking, road closures and getting around DreamBIG Children’s Festival at the dedicated website: www.dreambigfestival.com.au.

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