Aldinga Aviation


Address: Coville Rd, Aldinga

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Daily 10am – 4pm

Phone Number: 85565406



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Hidden on the back roads between Willunga and Aldinga you will find Aldinga Aviation. The airport itself has been there for some time, but in recent years it has also become a welcoming place for a drink and a snack or a light lunch. I had been told Aldinga Aviation served coffee and welcomed children to watch the planes coming and going, so I decided to take a look and I was very pleasantly surprised with what I found.

Before you enter the main building you will see a lovely garden area for the kids to adventure and patch of grass shaded by a beautiful big tree, under the tree are a couple of lazy-boy’s for you to enjoy if you wish.

There is a big verandah area with a few tables and chairs and all look out to the runway so you can enjoy a drink or some food whilst waiting to see a plane coming or going.

Inside there are more tables and chairs, some couches if you wish to relax and lots of aviation memorabilia to look at, there is even a plane seat and some controls for the little ones to sit it in and imagine they are flying.

The menu here consists of a range of cool drinks, coffee’s, home made cakes, cookies and fresh or toasted sandwiches are made to order. We had a baby chino ($3) that impressed Mr 2 with a few choc chips and a marshmallow on the saucer and a cheese and salad sandwich ($7) that was nice and fresh and packed full with fillings.

We had a wonderful time at Aldinga Aviation, the staff were very warm and welcoming and my son was thrilled with seeing a couple of planes and enjoyed running around and adventuring when he wasn’t sitting and watching the runway. Overall a great place to go for something a little different.




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