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Address: Corner of Diagonal Road @ Railway Terrace, Warradale

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 2:00pm (+ some weekends)

Please check the Splodge Facebook page to confirm as hours are subject to change dependent on private parties and other events.

Phone Number: 08 8296 0561

Website: splodge.com.au


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Splodge is not your typical play café. It is jam packed with actives and crafts for the kids, the amount of activities and play options for the kids is more aligned to what you would find at a playgroup than in a café and unlike most play cafes it is not the type of environment that encourages kids to all run around like crazy yelling at the top of their lungs! Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to more traditional play cafes, but my experience at Splodge was just refreshing change.

Splodge is welcoming and comfortable for parents too (1 free adult entry with any child – $3 for extra adults). There are lounges and tables to sit and relax and FREE wi-fi too. There is a selection of hot and cold drinks, cakes, snacks, sandwiches and salads salads available.  You can also order sandwich platters to share if there are a group of you going.

Splodge offers 5 rooms of crafts and activities for the kids plus an outdoor garden area for them to enjoy too. You have two choices upon entry.

$15 entry will get you:
• Entry to Splodge Fun Zone including 5 rooms of activity and the Garden for an unlimited time
• Weekly craft to make and take home
• Stamp pad activity to make and take home
• Kid Lunch Platter – healthy fruit, cheese etc
• Unlimited Cordial/water
• Ceramic craft of the week to
• paint, decorate and take home

OR for $10 entry you will have all of the above without the lunch platter, without drinks and without the ceramic craft activity.

In addition to the lunch platter for kids ($6 if purchased separately from the above package), there are also shaped sandwiches, cookies and Ice-creams to purchase, plus everyone’s favorite baby cinos!

Each week at Splodge there is a different craft activity for the kids to enjoy, upon entry they will be given a bag with the pieces they need to make the craft. Once through the café and out the back there are a number of tables with scissors, glues, pencils and any other bits they will need to complete their projects, plus some examples so they can see what they are working towards. There is no time-frame on kids completing their projects and adults can help if needed or sit back and watch, so it’s suitable for kids of different ages and skill levels. My 5 year old was quicker to finish than his 3 year old sister, so he did some stamping and made a picture from the big box of crafty bits and pieces that were there for them to use while he waited for her to finish. It was great, because I didn’t have to rush her or deal with him complaining that he was finished and was now bored. There is also an adjoining room which had toys to play with, a play dough table, blackboards and chalk and even some dinosaurs in tubs of dirt. I could float between the 2 rooms and watch both kids without any problem.

Even the toilet facilities were great for little people, with a step for them to stand on and wash their hands and a change table for babies was available too. The toilet is just off one of the activity rooms, so it was easy to have one child in the toilet and the other one happily playing but still visible to me.

Splodge also offers different activities during the school holidays and they are more than happy to take care of your next Birthday Party too!

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