Why Little Lattes?

24th Sep 2014

Before I had kids I led a very social life and I didn’t expect that would need to change too much. The baby will fit into my life I thought. My o my, how wrong I was! The first few weeks was a blur of sleepless nights, trying to work out this feeding thing that I thought would be so natural and generally just getting used to being a Mum and having someone so reliant upon me.

I loved being a Mum more than anything, but soon I realised it had been weeks since I’d gone out other than back to the hospital or to the local supermarket – even that was a challenge!

When we were invited out to dinner for a friend’s birthday I was quite excited to be going to a restaurant and very proud to show of my baby boy to the world I had known so well pre-kids.

The night arrived and of course we were running late once I had made sure the baby was fed before we left and I had everything I needed just in case, I hate being late, so that wasn’t a great start!

We headed off to the restaurant and entered via a back entrance as there were steps at the front and I had the pram. At the point of entering I became really nervous and suddenly it felt like years since I’d been out in public, I was self-conscious  – I was no longer pregnant, but I was far from my pre-baby size, oh well there wasn’t anything I could do about it then and there, so forward I went. My partner was in front of me and as we approached the busy dining area he saw the people we were meeting and continued ahead, at that point I realised the pram did not fit between the tables I was approaching, I pulled back and looked for another way around realising that there was in fact no way I was going to get the pram to where I needed it to be.

That single moment in time will sit with me for ever, to many it would be nothing, but to me it was big! I felt like everyone in the place was looking at me (except me partner, who by now was at the table). A staff member politely started moving chairs around for me in an attempt to help, but there were too many people sitting on chairs and the tables were just too close together. About now my partner realised what was happening and turned back. After what seemed like an eternity he instructed me to pick up the baby and he lifted the pram to where we needed to be while I carried the baby, some chairs were moved so the pram would fit at our table and I sat down. I was greeted by warm welcomes from our friends and there was lots of doting over the new baby and it ended up being a nice night, but that feeling of being so out of place and so uncomfortable with my situation will stay with me for ever. I did have other such situations where that feeling returned as I got use to this wonderful thing called mother-hood, like the time my son dirtied his nappy in a café and I then discovered they had no changing facilities, but I won’t go into that story!

Little Lattes is all about making parents feel comfortable going out and knowing that both parent and child will be welcome and accommodated. I don’t think your social life should end when you become a parent, for me the best years of my life have been since I have become a Mum and a big part of that has been taking my kids out and enjoying time with family and friends.

As my children grow (now 4 & 2) I discover new things that are important to me when looking for a family friendly place to visit, now it’s what playground or activity they offer and what’s on the menu that my kids will eat.

Little Lattes is designed to help you enjoy time as a family and to avoid those awkward moments when you realise a venue is really not suited to what you need!

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