Game On

game on 2

Bakehouse theatre – 255 Angas st Adelaide

11am and 1pm daily  from the 26th – 28th April (Last week of school holidays)

Game On! is an interactive comedy stage show for children all about video games. Matty Grey got sucked in to Gameland and had to fight his way to freedom. Join Matty as he tells the tale of his 4G-Wifi-Hi def-multiplayer-Wii fit escape from this dangerous world!

The show focuses on games like Minecraft, Pacman, Mario, Angry Birds and numerous other games that kids recognise and love. Each game is brought to life on stage so that children can participate in those games in the real world.

As the audience arrives at the show each child is presented with a Nerf gun. The finale of the show which marks Matty’s final escape from Gameland is an onstage recreation of the old Nintendo game of Duck Hunt. Two parents are invited on stage and asked to each wear a pair of safety glasses and a bike helmet with a plank of wood attached. Rubber ducks are placed on the planks of wood and the children in the audience are asked to help us win the final game using the Nerf guns to complete the game of Duck Hunt. This finale alone has created a real buzz around the show and has allowed us to send children home with a strong positive memory of their experience.


Ticket prices

Adults $17.00

Kids and Concessions – $15.00

Family of 4 $55.00

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