Game On 2.0



Is playing at the Stirling Fringe for two days and is presented by Bamboozled Productions

Winner Weekly award Best Kids show Week 1 Perth Fringe 2020

Matty Grey is back with a whole new show about video games. Watch Matty journey through GAME LAND as he battles through live action games including Pokemon, Operation, and some little indie game called FORTNITE. Fast paced, snot comes out your nose funny for the whole family. Every person gets a Nerf gun to use in the GIGANTIC live action FORTNITE finale. Sold out Edinburgh Fringe 2018 Sold out Adelaide Fringe 2019 ★★★★”A heck of a way to spend an hour, and there’s plenty here to keep the adults more than entertained.” – The Advertiser ★★★★★”For gaming fans, it is the must-see show of this year’s Fringe Festival. Come for the entertainment, stay for the nerf gun war!” – HiFi Way “Possibly the best time a kid could ever have in a theatre.” – The Barefoot Review

Presented by: Bamboozled Productions


DATES – 22nd and 23rd Feb 11.30 am

Full Price: $20.00

Family: $70.00

Companion Card: $0.00

Schools: $18.00


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