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Sonni Lou is run by a lovely and very clever lady in Adelaide, Sonni designs all her own items and the range changes regularly so there is always something new and exciting to discover. The Sonni Lou range includes jewellery, wall prints and greeting cards.
Jewellery: I can’t tell you how many pieces of Sonni Lou jewellery I personally own and have bought as gifts for people over the past few years. I really do LOVE these pieces. There are bright fun bits for kids, including key rings / backpack accessories with super hero’s for little boys. For adults there are bright funky necklaces as well as more delicate pieces and in ever colour imaginable! Many of the necklaces have bracelets to match too!
Earrings also come in many different colours and patterns and they are very easy to wear. There are so many to chose from and they make such a lovely gift.
Wall Prints: Whether you are looking to jazz up a boring wall in the living room , put some inspiration in your work space or add some fun to the kids bedroom the Sonni Lou range of wall prints has you covered. There is something for everyone in this collection and they are so affordable that you can change your style as often as you like!
Greeting Cards: There are cards in the Sonni Lou range for every occasion imaginable, whether its a new baby, a birthday, wedding or you just want to tell a friend how great you think they are! I always have a supply of Sonni Lou cards on hand, its so much easier than remembering to buy them each time and occasion pops up! They are so cost effective that I can let the kids each draw in one and give them to people too. Many of the designs for kids are inspired from their favorite characters so you can guarantee they will be a hit! Plus there are lots of more general designs in case you’re not sure what their favorite character are!
Sonni Lou is one of my favorite small businesses in Adelaide, the products are always great, the service and communication is exceptional and the prices are amazing!!

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