WiCK[z] Natural Soy Candles

WiCK[z] Natural Soy Candles handcraft their candles by using only the finest pure soy wax products along with carefully blended mixes of essential oils to provide a gentle and long lasting fragrance. They also give you a choice or wicks; you can chose a traditional cotton wick or go for a wooden wick – I love the wooden wick because it gives you a slight feeling of being in front of an open fire, the wick even makes a gentle crackling sound as it burns.
Candles come complete in stylish glassware, making them practical and attractive.

WiCK[z] also has a range of Reed Diffusers to allow you to fill the room with your favourite fragrance. They use a blend of essential oils which allows the therapeutic properties of the essential oils to flow into you room as well. These are so easy to use, with lovely results.

To complete their range WiCK[z] also offers melts, melt burners, tea lights and possibly my favourite product – traveler tins in either Citronella or Sandalwood to keep away unwanted mosquitoes. My son gets a bad reaction to mosquito bites, so keeping them away in summer is a must. These candles look and smell nice, are non-toxic and are so easy to take places with you if needed. I really do Love them and the results they give!

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