National Railway Museum

14th Jul 2015

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Today Blake (5) and I discovered the National Railway Museum at Port Adelaide. I had always known it was there, but had never been there and when deliberating what to do on a special Mummy and Blake day I decided it might be the place to go.

We arrived at the museum without knowing what to expect and were greeted at the counter by a volunteer who took our payment and then gave us a map of the museum and explained a little bit about where to go and what to look out for etc., as first timers this was really helpful, particularly knowing what time to be ready for a train ride!

Upon entering the first of two pavilions we were really blown away, I was surprised and Blake was ecstatic to see train after train lined up and ready for our inspection – the many engines and carriages were all easily visible from the pathways, but many of them you were also able to climb aboard and enter to get a real look. This was very exciting to a 5 year old! Some carriages were set up with scenes from yester year and I will admit I did get startled once or twice upon peering into a carriage window and seeing a face staring back at me!
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In addition to the trains there was also memorabilia and information to read dotted throughout the area – we didn’t stop in one spot for long enough to read very much, but for older kids I think this would be quite interesting. There were also some interactive sections and a large screen to watch a short film on too.

During our visit we took 2 rides on the mini train, it was fun and a great way to check out the whole yard and plan where you were going to explore next. The price of the train ride is included in your admission fee.

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We walked around various displays, which I found very interesting and even aside from all the railway memorabilia Blake was interested in seeing general items such things as ancient telephones and suitcases.

We spent quite a lot of time in the Theatrette as there were many interactive pieces that Blake could enjoy and we also spent a lot of time watching the trains travel around the model railway.  photo 2

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the National Railway Museum, it was very interesting and informative with lots to see and do for kids of all ages.

The National Railway Museum are having a Family Fun Fair from the 16th – 19th of July, you can get all the info here.


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