Our Lego Party at Laygo

20th May 2015

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On Sunday my son had his 5th Birthday Party at “Laygo” (St Mary’s) and we had such a good time that I thought I would share our experience.

The whole process started with a visit to the Laygo shop, my son had become very interested in Lego since receiving a box for his last birthday and I had seen on Facebook that they did parties, so a few months ago I was passing and thought I would pop in to get some information. I had a little look around the shop with my kids before approaching the counter and asking for some information; I was given a flyer and given some basic information before being offered to see a party room. Upon looking at the room I was very impressed with the setup, primarily how spacious it was, plus the fact it was nice and bright and it looked pretty exciting for a 5 year old!

I went away to think about it. I had only ever had parties at home for my kids in the past and to be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money to have one at a venue. So after hearing a lot about how much my son wanted a Lego party and the thoughts of trying to monitor Lego playing and packing up afterwards in our house I decided to book it in at Laygo.

When booking over the phone I was given some options on how I wanted the party to go (competitive building, non-competitive etc.,) it was all simple and the staff were very helpful. I later received an information pack in the mail with everything I needed to know about the party including invitations to send out.

A couple of days before the party I needed to ring to confirm numbers and at this point I could also have ordered an Icecream cake if I had wanted one ($14.95 extra).

On the day of the party we were warmly welcomed and introduced to our Party Host “Jack”, the room looked great all set up and was impressed with details like a big “5” balloon in the corner of the room. There was a table with a plate of lollies and small packets of chips, plus jugs of cordial and water and space to place some sandwiches and nibbles that I had decided to take along myself.

Once all the kids had arrived Jack went through some basic information and then they all got building. We were giving the choice of having a competitive party where they all build a car and then later race them, but I decided not to do this for 4 & 5 year olds. So they all built whatever they chose and when time was up they placed them in a large cube display case – I thought this was lovely rather than just packing them away, they got to all feel like their pieces were special and would be left on display.

After the free play my son was asked to build a car and his friends could help him if they wanted and then he would race Jack, of course this was rigged in his favour but the look on his face when he won and then had a medal placed around his neck was lovely, he was so proud of himself.

After the race we had a tallest tower building contest and again we were giving the choice of everyone competing or just the birthday boy v’s the party host.
After the fun it was time for cake, I had made a cake to take along and I had candles for it but Laygo supplied everything else we needed (knife, lighter, plates etc.,) and Jack even cut the cake up and coordinated all the kids ready to sing happy birthday etc.

After cake it was pretty much the end of the party and the birthday boy was given party bags to hand out to all of his friends. I naturally started to pick up some plates off the table before I was quickly told not to do anything and the reminded the idea of having a party somewhere else was that I didn’t need to pack up or clean anything!

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