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17th Sep 2015

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My kids are 18 months apart in age and for the most part it is great, but I won’t say it’s not a juggle at times. Even before my 2nd baby came along I was already wondering how I was going to manage the dreaded car park scenariao – which child do I get in the care first, what do I do with the other one while I’m getting the first one safely in? While I had a newborn in a capsule it wasn’t too bad, but that time quickly passed and I had 2 kids that could move! What should I do? I couldn’t leave my baby sitting in a trolley while I put my toddler in the car, so I had to instruct my toddler to stand with his hand on the car and hope and pray he stayed there! I was lucky that most of the time he did, but it was really hard to make him understand exactly where I wanted him to stand, whilst I was trying to get his sister in the car, make sure the trolley or pram wasn’t rolling away and keep half an eye on my bags too! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has faced such dilemmas with young children!

My daughter is now 3 and whilst things should be getting easier, it’s not always the case. Sometimes they are great and listen to me beautifully, other times they encourage each other to be silly and don’t seem to listen very well at all – a car park is the last place I want them being silly! So what am I meant to do?

Well I think I may have discovered the answer!! I was recently scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and a picture of 2 children standing nicely with their hands on a parked car caught my attention, upon reading the post by Lil Sunshine Collections I discovered these kids were using “Parking Pals” – how had I never seen of heard of these?! I deliberated whether it was worth getting them for my kids, thinking maybe they were getting a bit old for them, but then I decided at $12.95 each it was worth a try.

So about 3 weeks ago I ordered 2 Parking Pals, 1 Fairies design and 1 Construction design. I ordered them on a Thursday and they arrived the following Monday! I was impressed and the kids were super excited to see the colourful magnets – they liked them, but I still wasn’t sure if they would do the job! The next day we tested them out, I put the magnets on the side of my car in a position to suit me and the simply told the kids to put their hand on the hand that was on their magnet, it was a very simply instruction for them to follow and they were more than happy to oblige because they love the designs and the novelty of having fairies and a construction site on the side of our car! I was wondering if the novelty would wear off, but I am happy to say that after several uses they are still more than happy to put their hand on their Parking Pals!

I really love the Parking Pal’s and feel much more comfortable about my kids in car parks, they now stay in 1 spot instead of drifting around the spot I have told them to stay, I just wish I had found out about them sooner.

You can get Parking Pal’s in a range of designs from Lil Sunshine Collections.

If you would like to purchase a Parking Pal or check out anything else that Lil Sunshine collections has on offer you can do it at their website:

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