Playroom Etiquette

24th Jan 2015

I love a restaurant that has an indoor fully enclosed playroom! I request a table by the playroom when booking, I let my kids play for a little before their meal, when the meals arrive I get them to sit at the table and only when they have eaten what I want them too they are allowed to go and play again – it works wonders on getting them to eat their meal any including veggies / salad bits that I deem necessary.

Once the kids are in the playroom I enjoy conversation with other adults, finish my meal, have a drink etc., BUT I am still watching my children, firstly to make sure they don’t exit the playroom and get lost, but just as importantly to watch their behaviour.

Kids will be kids and sometimes they fight, use equipment in an incorrect manner, throw toys or do something else that’s silly and not appropriate for the environment they are in. It is our jobs as parents to watch for that behaviour and correct it when it happens.

Playrooms in restaurants are great occupiers for kids, but they are not babysitters. So to those parents who like to throw their kids in a playroom and then ignore the little darlings for the next 2 hours while they do whatever they like to the playroom property/equipment and other children trying to enjoy the area I ask that you please have some respect and please try to teach your children some.

These rooms are provided for everyone to enjoy, but unfortunately unsupervised children put a dampener on this for everyone else.

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