Cherry Ripe Balls

cherry  balls

These are so easy to make and fun to get the kids to help with too!

It’s my twist on the “Tim-Tam ball recipe”.

1.5 packets of Tim-Tams
1 tin condensed milk
1/2 packet glace cherries
Desiccated Coconut approx 1/2 cup, plus more for rolling

Put Tim-Tams and cherries into a food processor until chopped. Fold in
condensed milk and coconut. You can add more coconut or Tim-Tams if you feel
the mix is too wet.

You can substitute the cherries for any dried fruit, nuts or seeds of your

Shape the balls into the desired size and roll in coconut, place on a tray
lined with baking paper and into the fridge to set before serving.

Note: place them all close to each other to avoid them spreading once on the

Link to original Tim-Tam ball recipe:…/tim-tam-balls-L11291.html


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