Ignite Unley – Big Hero 6

big hero 6

Friday 20 November 2015
Location: Unley Oval
Movie: Big Hero 6 (PG)
Presented in association with the Sturt Football Club

• Bubble soccer

• Cubby building – Children will be supplied with sticks (smoothed and rounded), rope, and hessian. To use their problem solving and teamwork to build a free standing cubby.

• Natural weaving – Children and families will have opportunities to use fresh, natural materials to create natural weaves on stick frames. Three larger freestanding frames will allow participants to add material over time to create a collective weave.

• Small loose parts – Children and families will be provided with a variety of open, small natural objects such as log rounds, sliced sticks, seedpods and bark. With these activities they can let their creativity shine, creating small houses, fairy gardens and a multitude of other creations.

• Tinker table – As this movie is about robots, we will provide families with screwdrivers and pliers to deconstruct some well-known electrical items such as computers, DVD players, toasters etc. This will facilitate conversation and curiosity about how these machines we encounter every day work.

• Live music

• Face painting

• Jumping castle

• Official launch of Active Unley including fitness challenges thanks to EFM Health Clubs

Family Skip Challenge: How many skips can you & a parent do in 1 minute?
Seated MB Throw: How far can you throw the MB when seated.
Burpees Challenge: How many burpees can U do it 30 seconds
Kid’s V’s Mum or Dad: Can you pushup YOUR AGE?

• Picnic baskets available for purchase thanks to the Sturt Football Club

• Hot dogs, donuts, coffee, popcorn & fairy floss

Fore more information: http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/community-culture/events.aspx#ignite-unley-223

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