Snow Fun for little ones at the IceArenA

11th May 2015

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My children had been asking me to take them to the snow for quite a while, I guess they do see a lot of snow in TV shows and movies and of course the Frozen phenomenon didn’t help! Of course a snow holiday would be lovely, but also very costly and with kids that are 3 & 4 I wasn’t really sure if they would really enjoy it for days at a time once we got there. So, how could I allow them to have fun in the snow without the expense and difficulty of an actual snow holiday? The IceArenA’s toddler snow play that’s how!

We booked our session on line which was a very easy and affordable process.

I didn’t really know what to expect when we went to theĀ IceArenA for our snow play session – I had read on the website to take covered shoes and spare clothes etc., so had all these things and I took waterproof boots and jackets. We got there and I got the kids ready in their jackets, boots, mittens and beanies on and they were ready for fun!

Upon entering the snow play I was really surprised by what was on offer, I don’t really know what I was imagining, but this was much better than I had expected. I really thought it would just be a bit of slow to play in, but there were a couple of big mounds of snow they could slide down, lots of loose snow to make snow balls, toboggans to ride, tubes to ride it, there was even a big penguin mascot!

My kids had an absolute ball in their 2 hours of snow play, we had snow ball fights, built a very small snowman (but silly mummy didn’t think to take a carrot!), rode around in tubes and on toboggans, made snow angels and really they were just happy walking around and being in snow!

I literally had to drag my son out when the time was up! My daughter had spat the dummy not long before our 2 hours because she kept taking her gloves off and then complaining her hands were cold (I was really glad at this point that we weren’t stuck on a snowy mountain somewhere for days!!) luckily Nanna was with us and she went out to her and got changed while I finished playing with my son until our time was up.

There’s a couple of things I would do differently next time we go (and there will definitely be a next time!) firstly I would take gloves and a warmer jacket for myself, for some reason I just didn’t think I was going to be as involved as I was. I would also take waterproof pants for my kids, they spent a lot of time sitting and lying in the snow and whilst I could change them at the end by the time I did this their little bums and legs were freezing! And I would take a carrot next time, because apparently we didn’t get to build Olaf properly!

We thoroughly enjoyed our snow play session and I would recommend them to anyone looking for some wintery fun with their toddlers, get a group together and make a real occasion out of it. I loved the fact that these sessions are strictly for kids 5 and under, so it was a nice safe environment for the little ones – don’t worry if you have older kids too, they can ice skate in a separate section that will be visible to you, but the Snow Play sessions are only during school term anyway.

If you need more info on the snow play or any of the winter activities at theĀ IceArenA you can visit their website here.

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