Wild Imagination



Adelaide Park Lands 9-28 January

Wild Imagination runs nature play events in Adelaide every school holidays for kids aged 0-12. In Summer 2017, we are located in a beautiful shady spot in the Adelaide Park Lands where kids can get outside, play in nature, use their imaginations and have good old-fashioned fun! (Not a screen in sight!)  Our events are fully fenced and our wonderful staff have all the necessary qualifications and checks, so you have peace of mind for your child’s safety.

Our Summer event starts on Monday 9 January and finishes on Saturday 28 January 2017. We have both KIDS ONLY days (where parents can drop and go!) plus FAMILY days where parents and caregivers will stay and play with their children. The KIDS ONLY days are for 5-12 year olds a great alternative to OSHC as they run from 8:30am – 5pm. The FAMILY days are for kids of all ages, 0-12 years, and run for 3-hours each.


Children will be spoilt for choice with so many activities they can choose to participate in, like nature crafts, mud play, building activities with loose parts and so much more. There will be special activities like mud games, treasure hunts, water sports and yoga throughout the program.

Not sure what’s so good about nature play? Being outdoors helps to promote problem solving, perseverance and creative thinking because outdoor spaces are often more varied and less structured. It also encourages diverse ways of moving which improves physical strength, coordination and balance. Playing outside is often open ended and children learn to be creative and imaginative about what and how they play, and being in nature instills a sense of wonder, a connection to the environment and stimulates their imagination.


Wild Imagination is bringing back school holiday play the way it ‘used to be’. Kids are outside, experiencing the natural world, playing in mud, making things out of nature and found materials, using their creativity and building friendships.

You’re invited to join the fun!

East Terrace, Adelaide.

Park Lands near Victoria Park.

9-28 January 2017.

See you there!

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